CRUISING HOME - Living and travelling on the water


We build sustainable steel residential and cruise ships, that allow you to live on water, just like at home.

The ships are equipped with professional marine and high quality domestic technology, which enables you to live self-sufficiently on a houseboat if you wish.

We offer you 3 possibilities of individualization to realize your dream on the water:

Basic: Based on a proven standard model (12.5 or 15.0 meters), you can equip this boat with your own furniture as you wish. Your advantage: The costs remain manageable.


Semi - Custom: Our new modular design allows you to extend the basic models (12.5 or 15.0 metres) by 2 metres with an outdoor lounge, as well as to add other features such as a foldable sun canopy, tender lift, …

We would be happy to advise you personally.


Full - Custom: You would like to move completely onto the water to start a new life?

For this you need enough space and storage. We build the CRUISING HOME of your dreams also in 17.5 or 20.0 meters length, with up to 120 sqm living space - also as a fully seaworthy ship.

Further advantages for you

  • We offer you a 25 year warranty on the hull.

  • CRUISING HOMES are a sustainable home for generations, with a life expectancy of over 100 years.

  • They can be moored in any port as a residential or cruise ship.


Welcome to a new world.

+ Read more about the reasons for living and working on the water.

Models - Traveller and Explorer 

We offer you houseboat models for sale, if you wish directly with a mooring for rent. Inform yourself about us and the equipment in a houseboat. Keep yourself up to date with our news.