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You want to buy a CRUISING HOME houseboat and make your dream come true! 

We will help you do so, because we have been professionally active in the water sports industry for 40 years.



Flow chart for the purchase of a CRUISING HOME houseboat


Step 1: Free services

  • First contact questionnaire

  • Invitation to a free consultation

  • Needs analysis of your wishes

  • Selection of a berth national or international

  • Individual offer

  • Visit to the yacht architect OvM and the shipyard SRF in NL


Step 2: Placing of order

  • Your binding placing of order (contract of sale)

  • Construction time of the houseboat 12-15 months (payments on account according to progress of construction)

  • Test drive and delivery in Harlingen

  • Transfer to the desired destination

  • Joy and enjoyment

Which model fits to my ideas?

To help you compare our houseboat models quickly and easily, you will find a comparison list below. Our consultants will be happy to help you.


Which driving licence do I need for a CRUISING HOME?

This depends on the driving area. On the Rhine and the Elbe, the length of the boat may not exceed 15 metres, then the sports boat licence "Inland" is valid. On all other European inland waterways, the "Inland" licence is sufficient, even up to a length of 20 metres. On the sea you need the sport boat licence "Sea".




Where can I stay overnight on a CRUISING HOME houseboat, or stay for a trial?

You can rent a houseboat in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen. A Traveller L incl. 4 beds - Info.

Where can I visit a CRUISING HOME and get advice?

In Düsseldorf's media harbour, the Flagship Harbor, you can currently visit 3 CRUISING HOME ships and get free advice.

A self-sufficient CRUISING HOME XXL can be visited in "Mainzer Zollhafen".

Please make an appointment with Mrs. Dörner at or by phone.

What types of heating do you offer on a CRUISING HOME?

Just like in the classic house building, you can choose to install the following types of heating:

Kabola oil heating with blue burner technology plus 1000 litre tank, in combination with radiators or underfloor heating.

  • Electric underfloor heating and hot water.

  • Professional ship air conditioning with cooling and heating function.

  • Open fireplace 





How high is the loss in value of a CRUISING HOME?

With our CRUISING HOME residential and travel ships, we occupy an independent and sustainable business segment in the field of so-called "Mobilien (Mobile Economic Goods)".


While the majority of GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) sport and leisure boats are subject to a rapid loss in value (by at least 50% within the first 10 years), a CRUISING HOME loses 2-4% annually. However, this loss of value is countered by a life expectancy of more than 100 years and a later second and third use as floating residential or office space in attractive locations. 

We would be pleased to advise you in detail on this topic.




What is the approval for a CH houseboat?

Our boats are fully-fledged sports boats that can travel on all inland and sea waterways.

You register the boat with the responsible water and shipping office and, like all sports boats, receive a registration number.

For financing purposes, you can also have the ship registered in the inland navigation register and be provided with a

Lend on ship mortgage.




Can you buy a houseboat with a mooring?

In Germany the water areas belong to the state and are not for sale. We arrange moorings for rent. In the Mediterranean area there are also harbours that sell a mooring.




Is a CH houseboat suitable as a capital investment?

We say yes, for the following reasons: With a life expectancy of over 100 years, the ship can be rented out at any time in attractive locations as a holiday home. It generates a very attractive second income for you in old age.

The high quality steel construction and the CH modular construction guarantee that you can put the ship to a new innovative use at any time. Attractive are concepts like: Office ships, showrooms, Airbnb ships, floating vinotheque or cooking studio and many more. 




At what prices do we deliver?

We build and deliver your CH residential and cruise ship from the shipyard in Harlingen.

For this we charge an additional 21 % VAT to the basic price.

If you want to operate your CRUISING HOME commercially, for example as a commercial charter ship for houseboat trips, as a company headquarters, as a rentable office, then we deliver from company to company - without VAT. 

We would be happy to advise you on tax-optimized solutions and the possibilities of generating a second income with CRUISING HOME.




What kind of financing for houseboats do you offer?

We offer the classic ship mortgage through a reputable ship bank. The ship is registered in the shipping register and you pay the mortgage with monthly installments.

We will be happy to put you in contact with the financier.

We recommend leasing the ship to commercial customers. You can claim the leasing instalments as operating expenses by making a down payment and a residual value.




What is the difference between a yacht and a houseboat?

Almost 90% of sports yachts are built from GFK (glass fibre reinforced plastic) as series products.

The interior equipment is already completely built into the boat, and you have almost no possibilities to plan anything individually. The character of these boats is in the range of a luxury leisure article, with high maintenance costs and a partly immense loss of value. (outdated diesel, no catalytic converters, threatening luxury taxes).

Unfortunately these boats are not suitable for permanent living.


CRUISING HOME - residential and cruising boats are created for full-value living and gentle travelling. We offer a real home especially to people who want to give up their possessions on land or reduce them significantly.

With our ships you can explore the world and always have your home with you.



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