Houseboat- technology

Dutch naval architecture, with guarantee

Each CRUISING HOME is built for you in the Netherlands in steel (shipbuilding steel "top quality" Grade A ST37/2).

After building the hull, the underwater hull is coated with a special coating (Weltrite Sigma MC). This protects the steel hull against corrosion in the long term, which is why we give you a 25 year guarantee on the steel hull. The life expectancy of a CRUISING HOMES houseboat is more than 100 years with good care.


Sewage system, simple and sustainable

We use fully biological wastewater treatment plants of the Enteron brand.  With this professional solution, you no longer have to worry about your faeces on board.

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Drinking water treatment - fresh water without compromise

If you want to live self-sufficiently, we can install an Aquonic Osmosis plant in your CRUISING HOME on request. With this you can now produce your own water on inland waterways.

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Shipsonic Antifouling - biologically safe

The growth of algae and mussels is combated in conventional shipping by using toxic antifouling paints. This is a cost intensive procedure, which every 2 years, in addition to the coating, involves high ancillary costs of about 5000 Euro and more. This is also a thing of the past, because ....

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Batteries, storage, generator. -Self-sufficient on request

Your CRUISING HOME is equipped as standard with a large battery pack, which is supplied by on-board and shore power. Depending on the requested energy volume, we can also make your residential ship self-sufficient.

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Bow and stern thruster, simple and safe

With a bow and stern thruster you can manoeuvre your CRUISING HOME easily and safely via joystick in any harbour.  You have the choice between electric or hydraulic thrusters. We would be pleased to advise you on this.


- You can also sail the ship comfortably and safely alone.

- By locking the thruster, you can press the CRUISING HOME against the lock wall at low speed when locking.

Marine industry engines - Low maintenance and reliable

The heart of our residential and cruise ships are reliable, low-maintenance and economical turbo diesel engines. You have the choice between:


John Deere Navy

For more than 30 years, yacht owners and professional users have relied on John Deere propulsion engines to survive their adventures. And these are the reasons:

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Nanni, Energy in Blue


Nanni is an international leader in the market for marine diesel engines with a product range between 10 and 2000 hp. CRUISING HOME recommends 135 HP Nanni engines for the new 12.5 and 15 meter Explorer models.

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Oil heaters - Innovative

We use professional ship heaters from Kabola with the latest Bluetherm® technology.

No oil burner burns purer!"

The Blue Fuel Oil Flame is practically odourless and residue-free. The burning function runs off automatically only after the fuel oil has been gasified. This ensures that the TÜV-certified combustion with the soot number 0.0 takes place.

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Heating with infrared - Healthy pleasant radiant heat

On request, we can also install infrared heating in the ceiling area of the CRUISING HOMES. The very pleasant radiant heat acts directly on the body and does not have to be transferred by air and water vapour.

Warmth from infrared heating is generally perceived as very pleasant by people. You may know the red light lamp from the medical sector? It is supposed to relieve pain and help against inflammation.

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Climate control - Protection on particularly hot days

Climate change has begun. Especially ships on the water heat up many times faster. This also applies to the light-flooded windows of the CRUISING HOMES. We have the simple and innovative solution that you keep a cool head even in midsummer.

3M Thinsulate Climate Control sun protection film is applied directly to the windows and complements them with another invisible insulation layer that separates the inside from the outside. This way you can keep control of the temperature regardless of the weather inside the ship and the time of year. The coating is easier and cheaper than you might think.

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E-bike... and cargo crane

Our goal is to make your life on the water as easy and pleasant as possible. Especially when it comes to stowing bulky and heavy loads on board.

For this purpose we have developed a telescopic loading crane for you, with which you can easily and safely stow your e-bikes and other heavy loads in the forepeak.

Traveller XXL and Explorer - Splitlevel 

Living spaciously on 3 levels

We were the first company in the industry to develop the "split-level construction method" for residential and cruise ships, with decisive advantages:

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Explorer - V-Bow - Faster and more energy-efficient travel

In the new Explorer line, designed by Olivier van Meer, the entire hull has been redesigned, which brings numerous very advantageous features for you:


Unbeatable advantages of the new Explorer hull

- The V - bow cuts the waves instead of displacing you. 

- The whole ship runs faster, smoother and more energy efficient.

- High waves are better absorbed by the hull.

Explorer - Innovative wave tunnel


Innovative with maximum propeller protection

Cruise with the good feeling that your propeller is well protected from ground contact. For this purpose we have developed a shaft tunnel that protects the drive shaft as well as the propeller.

The unbeatable advantages of the new Explorer shaft tunnel


- Fancy a hike or a break in the Wadden Sea. As soon as low tide comes in you can easily dry out in the mudflats. We have designed the hull in such a way that when you sink into the ground, your CH remains upright. 

- On canals it is important to avoid waves. Our optimised underwater hull favours speedy sailing on canals.

Explorer - modular construction

Another innovation of our yacht architect Olivier van Meer is the CH modular construction. From experience and based on the needs of our customers, we have developed steel modules that we can weld to the hull as an "extended bathing lounge with 2 meters or tender lift system". 

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