The "TRAVELLER - L" is a professional residential cruise ship for all slowly flowing rivers, such as the Moselle, the Main or the Danube. Imagine how you discover the most beautiful wine regions and cultural landscapes of Europe with your CRUISING HOME. At the push of a button, you can manoeuvre your CRUISING HOME easily and safely to its berth via the bow and stern thruster, and just as easily a push of a button ensures that your telescopic anchor (pole anchor) extends and anchors the ship safely. So you can enjoy the most beautiful views in peace on "your little private island".


The ship is ideal for permanent living on board, as the entire living area has a full cellar and is accessible via two hatches with stairs. All sections below deck are equipped with radiators so that even on cold winter days your provisions, clothes boxes etc. remain dry. 

Decide for yourself how your rooms will be divided and what the interior design on your "TRAVELLER - L" should look like.

2-3 room houseboat


  •     Living room with open kitchen and dining area (possibly fireplace)

  •     1 bedroom

  •     1 bathroom

  •     1 side room for office, guests or sauna


Equipment in the barracks ship

You can have your "TRAVELLER - L" built with the following equipment:

  • 12.50 metres x 5.5 metres x draught 1.20 metres > 35 sqm

  • 14.99 metres x 5.5 metres x draught 1.20 metres > 50 sqm

  • 17.50 metres x 5.5 metres x draught 1.20 metres > 70 sqm

  • Hull and superstructure in steel (weight approx. 30 t)

  • Living space: from 35 to 70 sqm on one level

  • Living space: balconies incl. over 100 sqm

  • Storage space in the cellar of 30-50 sqm with 1.20 m headroom

  • Sleeping places max. 4

  • Diesel 135 HP Nanni

  • Kabola heating (floor and/or radiator) (1000 - 3000L)

  • Autarkic version available

  • Mooring fees from 300-700 € per month (depending on location)

  • CE Category - D

Cruising Home Hausboot Traveller
Traveller L Hausboot Wohnzimmer
Wohnzimmer im Hausboot Traveller L.jpg
Sonnenenrgie im Hausboot Cruising Home.j
Hausboot mit Kamin Cruising Home.jpg
Cruising Home Hausboot Traveller L.jpg

References of the owner Cruising Home Wave (Traveller L)

“For 4 years I am the proud owner of this houseboat. I rent it out to guests who want to stay overnight on a houseboat in the Marina Düsseldorf for 1-30 days. People come from all over the world and love to sleep on the water. With the beautiful fireplace and the floor heating I can rent it out even in winter. My occupancy rate is currently over 75% and I am happy to be able to offer so many people a houseboat experience and an alternative to the 'normal' overnight stay.

If you would like to stay overnight in my houseboat, you will find the link here.

Rent a houseboat in Düsseldorf."

WDR The best in the west - star chef and more in German

A houseboat in Düsseldorf's Medienhafen (from 12:46 min) and sleep in the marina in Düsseldorf.

Broadcast on WDR on 06/12/2020 - video is available until 06/12/2021 - WDR


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