This ship is a real world novelty, because it is the first professional residential and travel ship with which even waters with strong currents (Rhine, Elbe, Danube, Thames, etc.) can be navigated safely. Equipped with a flow-optimised hull (40 cm higher hull compared to the TRAVELLER- L) the ship can even withstand high waves.


But also the inner values of the "TRAVELLER - XL" will convince you. In the middle of the ship you have the possibility to furnish a 25 sqm cabin with 6 panoramic windows (with a headroom of 1,60 m below deck). Ideal as reading room, children's room or comfortable lounge. This room is accessible via stairs from the living room.

With optimal planning the TRAVELLER - XL offers up to 70 sqm living space, plus a heated cellar room. The ideal home, especially for permanent living.

Decide for yourself how you want to design your rooms and what the interior decoration on your "TRAVELLER - XL" should look like.

2-6 room houseboat (loft or space miracle)

  •     Living room with open kitchen and dining area (possibly fireplace)

  •     1-2 bedrooms

  •     1-2 bathrooms

  •     1-2 side rooms for office, guests or sauna

Our yacht architect Olivier van Meer will also be happy to advise you on interior design.


You can have your "TRAVELLER - XL" built with the following equipment:


  • 14.99 metres x 5.5 metres x draught 1.20 metres > 65 sqm

  • 17.50 metres x 5.5 metres x draught 1.20 metres > 80 sqm

  • Hull and superstructure in steel (weight approx. 40 t)

  • Living space: from 65 to 80 sqm on two levels

  • Living space: balconies incl. over 100 sqm

  • Storage space in the cellar of 20 sqm with 1.90 m headroom

  • Sleeping places max. 4

  • Kabola heating (floor and/or radiator) (1000 - 3000L)

  • Autarkic version available

  • Mooring fees from 400-700 € per month (depending on location)

  • CE Category - D

Wohnzimmer im Hausboot Traveller XL.jpg
Schlafzimmer im Hausboot Traveller
Küche im Hausboot Traveller XL
Wohnschiff Cruising Home Traveller

Reference Kim Wynands from Rotterdam 

Cruising Home 'Black Pearl' (Traveller XL Panorama all in Black)

"We've looked at lots of yachts and houseboats. But what we could discover on the Black Pearl simply touched us. Already the exterior look of black steel and the large mirrored windows give us an idea that this is a special room to live in.


The materials of steel, wood, leather and fabric are noble, valuable and radiate a pleasant understatement. We were most impressed by the excellent workmanship and the mix of materials.


A beautiful penthouse in the middle of the city and on the water. Big compliments to the architect and the team of CRUISING HOME."

Videos from Traveller - XL Ships


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