The Traveller - XXL is currently the largest living and travel ship (houseboat) in the 15 meter class and offers you the highest use of space with 75 sqm living area. We are the only provider to have developed a ship in a spitlevel construction, on which you can live comfortably on 3 levels with complete headroom. With a ship width of 5.50 metres, the feeling of space is very generous and leaves room for all installations, such as sauna, luxury kitchen, fireplace, etc., which makes the houseboat ideal for permanent living.

Decide for yourself how your rooms will be divided and what the interior design on your "TRAVELLER - XXL" should look like.

2-3 room houseboat

  •     Living room with open kitchen and dining area (possibly fireplace, sofa area)

  •     1-2 bedrooms

  •     1-2 bathrooms (possibly luxury shower)

  •     1-3 side rooms for office, guests or sauna

Our yacht architect Olivier van Meer will also be happy to advise you on interior design.


You can have your "TRAVELLER - XXL" built with the following equipment:


  • 14.99 metres x 5.5 metres x draught 1.20 metres > 70 sqm

  • 17.50 metres x 5.5 metres x draught 1.20 metres > 90 sqm

  • Hull and superstructure in steel (weight approx. 40 t)

  • Living space: from 70 to 90 sqm on three levels with 2.10 m headroom

  • Living space: balconies incl. over 120 sqm

  • Storage space in the cellar of 20 sqm with 1.70 m headroom

  • Sleeping places max. 4

  • Kabola heating (floor and/or radiator) (1000 - 3000L)

  • Autarkic version available

  • Mooring fees from 400-700 € per month (depending on location)

  • CE Category - D

Cruising Home Traveller XXL
Hausboot Terrasse
Traveller XXL Wohnzimmer
Essbereich im Traveller XXL Cruising Hom
Traveller XXL Schlafzimmer
Badezimmer im Hausboot Cruising Home


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